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    Author of “Awake and Alive” revolutionize your relationships through Personal Revolution Therapy TM.

    I am a clinical and pragmatic psychotherapist.
    National Immigration Psychological

    Evaluations, 601 Waivers and asylums.
    I help immigration attorneys determine if there is exceptional hardship for their clients. Hardship can cause psychological and emotional distress for an asylum-seeker. The assessment helps determine if family members will suffer hardship if a love one is deported. I also provide psychological exams for N648 recipients.

    Immigration attorneys refer me their clients to help determine if hardship is inevitable. Problems can occur when using an unexperienced mental health counselors. Unfortunately, many immigration lawyers struggle to complete their cases in a timely manner because of poorly administrated mental testing. Psychological summaries from inexperienced counselors are sometimes too generalized and unclear. Many attorneys have to spend additional and unnecessary time figuring out how to interpret vague psychological reports. In many cases, it can lead to more stress for the client who now needs to spend more money and loss time from work. Accurate clinical information helps USCIS officers determine if hardship is truly present for the applicant.

    Researcher at Infinity Clinical Research

    People in their early 50s and up with slight memory problems and NO diagnosis of Alzheimer’s are NOW the ideal research subjects to help develop better treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. These courageous individuals could benefit from participating in these studies, but also help Alzheimer’s researchers find better medications that could prevent or slow down memory problems. Hopefully, then, opening the doors, for someday ,discovering the cure for Alzheimer’s. Get a free screening today!

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