Thinking That a little Memory Loss is O.K., is not O.K.

  • After living many winters, most of us feel that our memory is not as sharp as it once used to be.  Therefore, we believe that it is normal to have a little memory loss. Working in Alzheimer’s research and collaborating with world renowned medical researchers on the topic, I concluded that losing a little memory later in life is NOT normal.

    Those who show a slight degree of memory loss after being screened, could benefit from participating in prodromal memory loss research programs. Early intervention and prevention may extend the quality of life of someone who may develop Alzheimer’s later in life. Many of us take our daily independence for granted, such as bathing, enjoying our past time hobbies, or just having normal conversations with our love ones. The degree of decline of daily activities due to memory loss varies from “Has difficulties but does it on his/her own”, “Requires assistance,” or “Is totally dependent.”  You have to power the decide the degree to which you want to live your life in the future. If you are having memory problems, I believe that early detection of memory loss can make a difference to the quality of life that you will have in the future.

    The National Memory Screening Program, an initiative of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, constantly is offers national free memory screening. Our two locations in Sunrise and Hollywood offer free screening. Here at Infinity we are now participating with pharmaceutical companies that are positive and optimistic that early intervention with effective medications may slow down or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s.

    For additional information about the clinical trials currently enrolling at one of our Infinity Clinical Research sites, please call our Study Team at 954-663-1837

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