Stronger Global Partnership Needed in Understanding Mental Illness

The Truth About Social Media Brainwashing Children

Poor parenting NOT child mobile phone addiction is the cause for depression and another psychological problems. Apps being designed to “stop the addiction” is another marketing strategy for profit. Please take accountability for parenting your […]

Parents helping Kids succeed in School and in life

The Power of Listening To Help Houston


As I Said, Interference During Psychosexual Developmental…

    Most whose psychosexual developmental stages were interrupted as adolescents do not commit crimes as adults. Those charged or alleged with criminal acts against others represent only a small percentage of those with a […]

How Should the Healthcare System Work To Help Treat Substance Abuse and Deal with the Opioid Epidemic

  #alcoholabusestudy Check out for a breakdown statistics on alcohol abuse.    

Back-to-School Anxiety No More

It is normal to have, now and then, depression or anxiety throughout our lives. These are positive signs that tells us that something in our inner self needs improvement. Personal Revolution Therapy encourages us  to […]